Justice for Borko

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Friends..My name is Borko..I lived a sad life as a stray in my homeland of Bulgaria..Me and the other strays are looked upon as vermin, so we are abused and neglected. When I was a little puppy, a mob of villagers attacked me, and I was beaten so very badly.
They snapped my spine, and I was paralysed....

I had given up all hope, when a kind family took me in, and looked after me...
They help me by making sure I am safe and cared for. I have to now wear nappies, due to my spinal problem, and I cannot walk on my back legs, so I get about by hopping...
Dr Georgi made me trousers, so that when my legs drag across the floor, they protect me..
The kind Dr Georgi Litov and his family have taken in some other strays, so I now have some friends for company.

Recently, I was attacked again by a local lynch mob.
This happened in the village of Selcha (Селча), Municipality of Devin, District of Smolyan in Southern Bulgaria.
Some of the villagers have always hated stray dogs, and Dr Litov has had death threats. He is hated in our village, all because he is helping us..
The anti-stray dog protesters want my family and me out and there was a Lynch Mob sent to our home with a film crew. I was attacked and beaten again in my own garden...I was sat by the front door, and this horrible man beat me with a stick. I was not able to run away because my legs don't work, so I cowered in fear... the Police were called yet they did nothing. PLEASE share for us and let the world know that the Government in Bulgaria are not enforcing the law against acts of cruelty and that they are allowing the kind people who help animals like me to be persecuted and removed from their home..

Please will you sign my petition? Here it is-->


I am very scared, especially for my family, because my owner has now been threatened with eviction by the local
Municipality. The locals have threatened to kill my family, and also me and the other dogs...They said that they would beat us to death..

Please World...Hear my cries for help..All I want to do is to live my life in peace, without fear, and for my family to be safe...Thank you...Borko xxx

Here are my videos friends---> Watch what happens to me...

Here is the FULL STORY of my life so far... made by my kind carer...
They broke my back, but not my spirit..
Please help my friends
Details below..make this change happen friends!

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If anyone wishes to send gifts and messages of support to the family, here is the address to write-->
Dr. Georgi Litov
The Post Office
Selo Selcha PK 4814
Obsht. Devin, obl. Smolian

►► Please SIGN the PETITION without fail, at:
By signing the petition, the message that you can read below, will be sent to:
Mr Rosen Plevneliev, President of Bulgaria, President of Bulgaria
Mr Marin Raykov, Prime Minister of Bulgaria
Ms Liliya Ivanova, Secretary General of Bulgaria
Mr Cvetalin Vasilev Penkov, Mayor of Municipality of Devin
Public Prosecutor, Public Prosecutor's Office Smolyan
Ombudsman, Ombudsman Office
British Embassy, British Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria
German Embassy, German Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria
USA Embassy, USA Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria has very good, modern Animal Welfare Law (APA 2008) that forbids inhumane handling of animals and places strays under special protection. On 14 April 2011, Bulgarian Parliament passed an amendment in the Penal Code, which criminalizes Extreme Cruelty to Animals. That came onto force on 27 July, 2011. So, what is the problem then?

The problem is that Bulgaria has no enforcement body to implement the new law and therefore change cannot take place. Bulgaria has no legitimate Zoo police with powers and Bulgarian police officers do not want to bother to investigate and take animal abusers to justice. Since 27 July 2011 we witnessed a number of extreme animal cruelty cases in Bulgaria and no criminal was caught and punished with jail term, or even with a fine. Our complaints go unnoticed and in some cases we've been told to “shut up or else”.

Bulgarian animals live and die in agony! Criminals never get investigated and punished! In most cases Police laugh it off or simply do not accept their duty to protect animals.

The link between animal abuse and crimes against humans has been well documented over several decades. Many studies in psychology, sociology, and criminology during the last 25 years have demonstrated that violent offenders frequently have histories of serious and repeated animal cruelty.

Given it is proven that people who can commit crimes against animals rarely stop there and that they are very likely to harm other humans, especially children or other vulnerable people, we are calling upon the Government of Bulgaria to Criminalise and Prosecute ALL Acts of Animal Abuse.

Borko is much loved by his family and he loves them too, so we do not want to take him away from them, yet of course, they also want his safety, and this is the purpose of our appeal - to finally have legal protection for Borko and all the other animals in Bulgaria. This is why we want to gain as much publicity as possible, so that it is picked up by the international media and the Bulgarian Government are embarrassed into finally taking action against animal abusers.

Bulgaria has an excellent animal protection act, yet it is totally unenforced and this is what we want to see change, to stop the mob culture like this, that we keep seeing time and again happen against animal advocates in Bulgaria, who are targeted daily for feeding, helping, rescuing and accommodating strays.

Please help Dr Litov and Borko to grab the international media's attention to embarrass the Bulgarian government into finally enforcing their Animal Protection Act.

Various organisations and people of interest to contact-->

Mr. Cvetalin Vasilev Penkov
Mayor of Devin
Druzhba No 1
Tel: 359 (0)30412174
e-mail: [email protected]

Venelin Velizarov Opov
Mayor of Village of Selcha
Kmet Selo Selcha Obshtina Devin Obl.
Smolian PK 4814 BULGARIA
Теl: 00359 (0)30476/223
Mobile: 00359 (0)889536600

Public Prosecutor's Office
Smolian Bul. Bulgaria No 16
Email: [email protected]

Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism
8, Slavyanska Str.
Sofia 1000,
tel: +359 2 940 7001
e-mail: [email protected]

Mr A. Erler
European Parliament's Intergroup on the Welfare and Conversation of Animals
[email protected]

Mrs Erminia Mazzoni
Chair of the Committee on Petitions at the European Parliament
[email protected]

President of the Council of Europe
Council of Europe
[email protected]

European Court of Human Rights
(Council of Europe)
67075 Strasbourg Cedex
Tel: +33 (0)3 88 41 20 18
Fax: +33 (0)3 88 41 27 30
E-mail: [email protected]

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