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I am in constant contact with Dr Georgi Litov, Popova, K-9 Rescue, and Wetnose Animal Aid. I can assure you that Borko, and the other dogs, are all safe for now with a friend..Safe and away from the baying mobs and that nasty man who attacked him!

Things are developing fast! Almost 50 thousand people have signed the petitions, and this figure rises by the hour! This amount is even more than in the case of Mima, who had her legs hacked off a few years ago, so it shows the outrage felt..Keep signing folks!!
K-9 Rescue, and the wonderful Michelle Jones (Founder), is in constant contact with me, and together we are formulating plans...Also the lovely Gavin and Andrea Gamby-Boulger, Founders of Wetnose Animal Aid have joined us in this mission. We are travelling to Dr Litovs to see Borko within the next 4-8 weeks approx..I am taking the press with me and I can't divulge details just yet but all I can say is that I may well have celebrity involvement. ..

I am also formulating plans for which I cannot divulge any details as yet, for reasons which will become apparent in due course, but rest assured, I am doing EVERYTHING I can behind the scenes, and I will keep you all updated.
As much as I hate asking, all donations will be gratefully received, as I cannot do this work without your help..Please see donations link at top of page..Thank you

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K9 Rescue have issued a PRESS RELEASE, which needs circulated..This is just a section of it..Words directly from Dr Litov, describing his horror concerning the beating of Borko, by the man with the baseball bat-->


"It was like the scene from a movie, yet for Doctor Georgi Litov it was a nightmare that had become a reality.

After the mob left, Dr Litov discovered his disabled dog Borko was in pain and very distressed, yet it was not until he watched the news on Television that evening that he realised exactly what had happened to him. In an interview with K9 Rescue today, Dr Litov said “When I heard Borko screaming, I still did not suspect what was going on, thinking that maybe some other dog had sneaked in through a hole in the fence and that they ‘argue’ as often happens. Despite his disability, Borko will often scare off healthy bigger dogs.” Dr Litov continued “Not for a moment did I suspect that Borko was fighting for his life, being attacked by a human animal, trespassing on my property with a huge baseball bat in his hand. Fortunately, he survived this ordeal and now he is safe and comfortable.” Dr Litov described today how it all started last year after he found Borko as a puppy in the street, dragging himself on his belly, crying from pain, hunger and fear, his spinal column severed.

Appalled how someone could beat a puppy and fracture his spine, leaving him to suffer in this way, Dr Litov filed a Petition to the Regional Public Prosecutor's Office (see Appendix 1) yet did not even receive an acknowledgement from them.

“From that moment, Borko became a part of my life forever”, Dr Litov said “I've been nursing and caring for him as my own child ever since. He made friends with my other dog Danny, also rescued from the streets in 2008 and later Jacko, who I found on the streets limping after having been abused and one of his front legs badly injured.” Dr Litov continued “Borko has made significant progress with his condition since then - at the beginning he was paraplegic, yet slowly, as the time went by, he started moving his legs and now he can even stand up with very little support. That is a miracle. The vets believed he would never be able to walk again and humane euthanasia seemed for them the logical solution. Yet Borko proved them wrong.”

In his own words, Dr Litov describes what happened on 12th March, when mobsters came into his home later that day… “That same day, in the afternoon, two brutes from the "lynch mob" filmed by TV7 crew, entered my office and started shouting, kicking and forcing some of the locked doors in the building. They were shouting "where is the crippled dog". I knew then that they were coming back for Borko. I called the police and after they arrived, the two brutes were forced out. Then a woman and another man appeared out of nowhere, saying they were from the Municipality of Devin. They had no identification on them to prove who they were, nor could they provide a logicalreason for being in my office. Understandably I was suspicious. Then they demanded that I should open the doors of all the rooms in the building. I knew that for some reason they were also looking for Borko. I declined firmly and said a few times in front of witnesses that I am the tenant and they have no right to enter any of the rooms without my permission. Then I was threatened that they would smash the locked doors and go in. Then the man, who turned out to be the Deputy Mayor of Devin, Vladimir Rosenov Daskalov, said that he would speak to a lawyer on the cell phone. He was furious. Minutes later he said that they had every right to go in. By that time the two brutes were back inside my home again, creating havoc. It was a nightmare. Finally I succumbed to their threats, especially when the two police officers also turned against me and advised me to comply.

What followed was degrading and humiliating. They searched the premises and found little Borko in his room, shaking and trembling. He was horrified to see the faces of the same people who had attacked him in the morning and he wet himself from fear. Photographs were taken of him as “evidence” and of a few feral cats in the basement, who sometimes find shelter there. The mobsters were triumphant. On his way out, the Deputy Mayor said that I should leave the village immediately, because ‘it was not safe for me to stay’. The two policemen heard that and then I asked them for permanent police protection, but they declined and left”.

Violating someone else's property by force and deception is a criminal act, according to the Bulgarian Penal Code, yet not only was this condoned by Government Officials and Police, it was orchestrated and filmed by Bulgarian news channel TV7, owned by Alegro Capital of London.

Dr Litov consulted an attorney and on the 27th of March an official complaint was sent to the Regional Public Prosecutors office in Smolyan and another to the District Police Department in Smolyan, asking for Police protection. Neither the Public Prosecutors nor the Police Department have responded and when approached last week, they have both declined comment."

Words taken directly from the Doctor, who is suffering this persecution..

As of today (Monday April 8th), I am making travel arrangements..Michelle from K-9 Rescue is travelling with me to Bulgaria. We intend to be over for a day or two, to document Borkos situation, visit his family, and take statements, photographs, and video, in order to highlight their plight..
I also intend to visit local Councillors and those who have issued the Doctor with the eviction notice, to try and ''bang some heads together!'

I urge and plead with my friends and followers to share this latest info, as I need all the help that I can get, especially regarding press coverage for this trip..

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Basically, get your heads together, with any ideas you can come up with, to get Borkos tale told and highlighted...Further updates coming very soon, so keep checking this page!! Love you all..Gary Edwards.

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Update..13th April 2013.

I wish to personally thank all the many, many 1000's of individuals, on facebook and twitter, and others, for all their wonderful tweets and shares, and support for Borko..Truly inspiring, so thank you all!!
It seems strange that today 13th April, I am both mourning the loss, and celebrating the life of a very special dog, Norton, who left me 3 years today, to become an Angel..
Yet today of all days, I receive good news! Andrea and Gavin (Founders of Wetnose Animal Aid) are helping me behind the scenes, and all I can say is that things are really progressing well!
So to both Andrea and Gavin at Wetnose, I wish to express my sincere gratitute and thanks.

Copy and paste the link, to see the video highlights from Wetnose Animal Awards..enjoy! -->

UPDATE...15TH April 2013
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