Justice for Borko

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Message from Gary Edwards...

Dear friends..Those who know me, will know of my work primarily in the Far East, as I work to eradicate the cruel trade in dog meat...Please visit for more details...http://www.nortonanimalrescuefoundation.webs.com/

However, I also work with lots of different people, organisations and charities, mainly promoting their work, and bringing attention to their plight. I am sure you will all remember little 'Mima'? Also from Bulgaria originally, just like Borko. Poor Mima had her legs hacked off, and it was a long road, but now she has a wonderful life, with a wondering caring owner in Germany.

Let's do the same for Borko....

When I first saw the video of poor Borko being beaten yet again, that feeling I first felt towards Mima, started all over again. In the video, which thankfully is not graphic due to the camera views, you can see Borko sitting peacefully by his front door, when that villager attacks him. Afterwards, you can clearly see poor Borko panting in a distressed state, gazing at this man, as if to ask 'why?'  Hasn't he suffered enough?

All Dr. Georgi Litov and family wants, are to be left alone. They are not doing any harm, and have only taken  in a few stray dogs...Is this such a crime as to warrant an eviction? Is this such a crime as to warrant death threats? Or to beat a poor defenseless dog, who has a broken back from a prior beating?

So I am trying desperately to get from the UK to Bulgaria, to meet up with Borko and his family, to firstly, show them that the World is supporting them, and they are not alone. I also intend to visit the municipality, various other officials, and some local villagers, to try and calm down this terrible situation.

I am just an ordinary guy, with no monies, but somehow I WILL find a way..I HAVE to, just like I had to travel over 6000 miles to the Far East, to help those dogs in Asia..

If anybody wishes to donate, they can do so by clicking on the 'Donate' button at top of this page...

If anybody can offer assistance, from travel, camera crews, tv and radio reporters, demonstration and support posters, or any other way you can think of, to help these people out and help us with our mission, then please email me directly at [email protected]

K9-Rescue Bulgaria are such a fantastic organisation, who brought this to my attention, and are working hard to get justice for Borko.. Visit their homepage at http://www.k9-rescue.org.uk/

Also, we now have the wonderful Gavin and Andrea Gamby-Boulger, from Wetnose Animal Aid on board. Gavin will be joining us on this mission, as the Wetnose Animal Welfare ambassador.

Are there any celebrities available, who would like to join us on this trip? As we all know, the World seems to listen to those well known, but someone like me..a nobody, is just one small insignificant voice..

Please contact me via email at nortonanimalrescuefoundation[email protected] OR [email protected]

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